Placement Overview

  • Periodic Mock interview in corporate setting
  • Routine Placement Meets
  • Exceptional Guests bring the best advise and guidance - Gov. Dr. K.Rosaiah
  • Job Fairs - SVS strives to help graduates from Other Institutions through the Job Fairs!!!
  • Bringing Experts together through a forum - HR Connect

“We shape those who shape the world”


SVS College of Engineering is committed to the students and the society in terms of the quality of students we mould at our college.  SVS Educational Institutions gives utmost importance to molding and placing our students in top notch and niche organizations across the country and the globe.  This is realized by one of the most dynamic team of training professionals  at SVS College of Engineering who come from various walks of life and having vast industry experience that helps in sculpting the core of our strength – our students. SVS College of Engineering epitomizes quality in our students and gives high importance to personal and technical skills. Industry academia relations and interactions, and core industry internships are given high precedence over just academics.  We take in the raw ore and sculpt them into the ever shining diamonds that are going to shape and adorn the society in future. 


SVS College of Engineering is one of the first colleges to envisage the need for a dedicated training team very early. It is one of the very few colleges that has a dedicated placement training team for the last three years. The college has an in-house training team that caters to all the training needs of the students, right from the first year to the final year and also the post graduate students. The trainers come from a varied background and are well experienced in their profession. We have trainers well versed in quantitative aptitude, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.  A few trainers have industry experience and that is a big plus to the training department where their industry exposure is beneficial in identifying what is needed by the student to succeed in the industrial world outside.  The average experience of our trainers is around 8 years ranging from 2 to 20 years of training exposure or industrial experience.



Based on industry feedback and information from the corporate world, we are able to understand where our students lag in terms of preparedness to face the world after college.  With this in mind we have designed a training schedule right from the first year to the final year wherein we ensure that the student undergoes a disciplined schedule that prepares him / her to face the challenges of the industry.  During the first year we assess the students in terms of their communication abilities, quantitative abilities, verbal abilities, their general attitude and confidence levels.  We also guide them on their career opportunities and prepare them for whatever they choose to pursue. On identifying where they stand we prepare a schedule whereby we work on their confidence levels and their communication skills. We encourage them to inculcate good habits like reading, exercise and sports, participation in competitions, participation in club activities and lot more.  By the time the students are in the second year, they will have had a good exposure to build their confidence and attitude. When they enter the second year they are exposed to verbal development and quantitative aptitude and by the end of the third year they are ready in terms of attitude, confidence and with a different outlook to their career. From there on they continue practicing and honing their skills and are prepared for the companies that would come frequently to recruit them.


The whole process starts from day one when the student steps into college and is a continuous process till he leaves the college with a job in hand.


We also take the service of external organizations and renowned personalities to give guest lecture to our students and also in case of any special trainings.


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