Sangavee.V - IV BE.CSE

SVS Edge

When I entered my college, I had a lots of dreams and also questions about moulding my successful barrier. After three years now I feel I took a right decision by choosing the college.

             Our campus has good world-class infrastructure. All the classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls and hostel are well furnished. Good transportation facilities are available. Hostel facilities need to be mentioned as it is always a home away from home. Students can study in a good environment and very hygienic food is provided foe the students.

              “SVS” is a garden for the young talents to nurture.

Faculty members are very efficient and have good knowledge to share with students. They help students individually to improve their skills and show them a path to achieve their goals. After four years of engineering one can come out as a moulded personality.

A unique feature about our college is placement training from first year onwards. So final year students will always be ready to face the placement interviews with ease and confidence. Placement cell is an active department that brings up companies to college even when the market is not so favourable.

I feel very happy to be a part of saves family.     

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